Monday, February 1, 2010

It's a Boy!...A Sophisticated one at that!

Baby season is fast on the bloom, and with that comes plenty of baby showers and new arrival cards! Soft pinks, baby blues and an array of pastels is enough to make just about anyone go ga ga.
This baby shower invitation is different from the rest! With news of a beautiful baby boy on the way our client wanted something other than the ever repeating baby bottle and diaper invitation, something with a little more elegance, and this is what we came up with....

"Mummy & her baby"

- An elegant baby shower invitation featuring a 3D silhouette mum pushing her baby's pram, embellished with baby blue pearls on the pram's wheels. Placed upon a dazzling cream pearlized C5 card cleverly accented with baby's mothers name stripped along the side of the card.
The inside is simple and neat with legible cursive font and matching baby blue pearls on either side of mother's name. The outcome simple elegance!

Stay tuned for the complete baby shower!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tea for Two....Or maybe Thirty-Two?

What do you get when you mix elegant vintage teacups, pretty pink flowers, and mini sandwiches? A High Tea Party!! A popular tradition in the Victorian era for elegant women to come together and sip tea whilst enjoying scrumptious bite sized treats.
As Dani's wedding was on the approach there was no better way to celebrate than to throw a High Tea Party, and to do it in style! To pull off such pretty event attention to detail was a must, every last base was covered right down to the last tea drop! This created a day that truly no one would forget!

Event Description

Roof Decor - Plenty of Handmade paper flowers in pink, light pink and white, in small, medium and large

Table Arrangements - (Guest Tables) Classic Round tables draped with white linen, featuring High Tea Stands (loaded with bite sized treats!) atop of a fresh flower and greenery ring, delicately accessorized with vintage tea cup trios and champagne flutes, finished with a light sprinkle of heart shaped scatters.
(Bride & Bridesmaids Table) Buffet Style table draped with white linen, featuring High Tea Stands atop a fresh flower and greenery ring and 3 white teapots filled with fresh pink flowers, accessorized with vintage tea cup trios and a sprinkle of heart shaped scatters.

Chairs - Draped with crisp white chair covers adorned with a pink tulle sash embellished with handmade pink and white flowers.

Accessories - Vintage style serving teapots, fresh bell cup flowers

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kaidans Christiening

As it was a Religious day we didn't want to go to over the top, and forget what the day truly was about, but at the same time we wanted to make it be a little colourful, fun and memorable!! So the event was styled tastefully with Pastel colours and accented with shades of blue and a hint of silver!

Event Description
Decor - LOTS of Pastel balloon "puffs" bordered the entire venue

Table Arrangements - Buffet style tables draped with white linen and baby blue table runners, adorned with sky blue silver topped "shooting stars", accessoriezed with baby blue cups, silver cutlery and blue and silver scatters.

Bomboniere - Star framed picture magnets in personalized "tiffany style" gift boxes

Cake- Not traditional but FUN

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In the Beginning ...

It all started when my little man turned ONE!! The theme was AEROPLANES. I wanted something a little less colourful as the christening yet still cute and boyish. It was an endless search for anything that had planes on it, which was very hard work! There were many late nights of painting and a toasty 40 degree set up but as you can see the end result was trully worth it!

Event Description
Roof Decor - Hand painted flying Aeroplanes, white balloon cloud "puffs", Areoplane Pinata centered as focal point

Wall Decor - Hand painted sky blue 'Happy Birthday'

Table Arrangements - Buffet style tables draped with white linen, adorned with sky blue bottled rainbow windmill centerpieces, accessorised with Multi-coloured cone party hats

Cake - Number 1

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Welcome Stylets

Hi guys!!!! We are just so excited that this is our first post! There is just so much we have to share with you, it may take a few days to get it all sorted!!

We are here to show you what we can do to make ur special day an AMAZING one!
So stayed tuned as we take you on a tour through our "creative world"

lov lov