Sunday, January 24, 2010

In the Beginning ...

It all started when my little man turned ONE!! The theme was AEROPLANES. I wanted something a little less colourful as the christening yet still cute and boyish. It was an endless search for anything that had planes on it, which was very hard work! There were many late nights of painting and a toasty 40 degree set up but as you can see the end result was trully worth it!

Event Description
Roof Decor - Hand painted flying Aeroplanes, white balloon cloud "puffs", Areoplane Pinata centered as focal point

Wall Decor - Hand painted sky blue 'Happy Birthday'

Table Arrangements - Buffet style tables draped with white linen, adorned with sky blue bottled rainbow windmill centerpieces, accessorised with Multi-coloured cone party hats

Cake - Number 1

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